Introducing our Head Brewer

We’re very pleased to be joined by Sophie de Ronde who has started full time as Head Brewer. She brings a huge amount of technical knowledge and experience from her previous roles in the industry, having worked across cellar management, production brewing and product development.

She’s become a familiar face in the industry from her work as founder of the International Womens Collaboration Brewday (IWCBD) held annually on the 8th March, to celebrate women in the brewing industry. Through her talks at the Brewers Journal lectures and seminars with Muntons she’s passed on her knowledge and helped many brewers over the last decade.

She’ll be running the day to day brewhouse and cellar operations to get the best out of the equipment and raw materials with the aim of ever increasing the quality of our beers. Aside from getting our procedures in place she’ll be ensuring we keep experimenting with our output, whether it be on an operational basis or by utilising different grains, new or underused hop varieties and multiple yeast strains. All so we can keep learning and moving forward whilst making sure we’re always putting out the best beer we can!

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