Something we’ve been really excited about over the last few months happened this week.

Back when we started really planning the brewery (instead of just thinking about it) we decided to focus on one packaging form (Keykeg) as we wanted to get to know our brewhouse, dial in our beers and see how they performed in package over time before trialling another format.

Now with five months of brewing and packaging behind us we’re ready to do that.

We didn’t rush to get things to this point and whilst we really want you to be drinking these cans we also want to make sure they are right before they leave the brewery, so¬†we’ll be holding them in our cold store for 10 days whilst we force age selected cans from each batch under different conditions before releasing them.

We’re planning a few events to coincide with the release throughout November so we’ll keep you updated as we confirm the dates for each of them.

With cans becoming part of the line up we’re looking forward to being in the fridges at our favourite bottle shops but most importantly we’ll be getting fresher beer out to everyone and thats what we’re most pleased about.



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